Top 5 Best Fiction Books to Read

Fiction encompasses a wide range of stories. They can be fantasy, science fiction, comedic. If you can think it, chances are, someone has written fiction in that format. These stories have been inspiring and entertaining. Here is a list of just 5 fiction books you should read.

Top 5 Best Fiction Books to Read

1. A Game of Thrones — George R. R. Martin
For anyone who is a TV lover, but not a book reader, what better way is there than to jump right into A Game of Thrones George R. R. Martin. The book sets up a vast world filled with great characters and many plot points. There is so much in this book to get you thinking for days. The book also goes into character back stories in ways that the TV show could not, due to budgetary or time constraints. There’s a reason why this story started out as one book and expanded into seven (five books currently published and two on the way).

2. The Giver — Lois Lowry
Winner of the Newbery Medal, a dystopian world that gives you what you could want. Fear does not really exist in anyone’s lives, due to society accepting “Sameness,” an idea of promoting equality over individuality. The story follows a young boy, Jonas, who becomes selected to be the “Receiver of Memories,” the person who will have the past memories of before the Sameness. Throughout the story, Jonas begins to discover new emotions, both good and bad, as he becomes an individual and not just another member of society.

3. American Gods — Neil Gaiman
Prison did not prepare Shadow for the loss of his wife. Feeling empty and alone, he tries to continue living, but with great difficulty. One day, he encounters a man, Mr. Wednesday, who seems to know more about Shadow’s life than he lets on. This conflict culminates into the battle for the very soul of America. A winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards, American Gods is a fantasy novel that gives an alien, but familiar, feel to the American landscape. It touches on themes in Gaiman’s other work, The Sandman comic books and is recognized as a contemporary classic.

4. 1984 — George Orwell
This political novel takes place in a world in perpetual war. The country, Oceania is controlled by a government that manipulates the public with propaganda. This government is controlled by an elite few that puts the public under heavy surveillance and squashes any dangerous independent thinking. This political novel is packed with plenty of symbolism that explores surveillance, censorship and nationalism. This book has had a resurgence in recent weeks and is considered a classic.

5. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland — Lewis Carroll
This book, which has inspired plenty of TV and movies, is considered a classic for both children and adults. First published in 1865, the story follows Alice as she falls through a hole into a fantasy world that is filled with many unpredictable characters. Each chapter introduces a new whimsical character, plays with your logical reasoning and is described in a colorful and expansive detail. Is the story that Alice tells true, or is it all a dream of a sleeping girl? Read on and find out!

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