Welcome to infodex

infodex key features:

  1. Our app allows you to get professional analytics of any token, but foremost — the complex analytics of your DeFi portfolio by means of diagrams and filters, PNL in general and for each asset individually. You can also see the purchase and sale prices. PLN of your NFT, staking and farming.
  2. From the comfort of the app you can perform any operations, like send and exchange tokens and set limit orders, work with pools. You will find everything you need in one comfortable and understandable interface.
  3. infodex interacts with all popular blockchain nets and web3-wallets at one time.

infodex history

The company’s history dates back to the founders with extensive experience of SaaS development, trading and investing in the crypto currency market, business development and communication.

In order to have more information about infodex, take a look at the list of opportunities of our product:

  • Interaction with most of blockchain networks and wallets at one time;
  • Portfolio balance dynamics;
  • Incoming and outcoming transactions dynamics;
  • PLN portfolio analytics;
  • PLN analytics of each single asset or assets’ segment;
  • NFT support;
  • PNL support of your tokens in the staking and farming;
  • Swap with cross-chain support;
  • Work with limit orders;
  • Transactions history;
  • Display of purchase and sale price for each token;
  • Tokens’ sending;
  • Assets allocation diagrams;
  • Catalogue of tokens in the market;
  • Tokens full filtration and gradation in the market;
  • Tokens advanced analytics;
  • Tokens adding to the favourite list and their gradation;
  • Price and events notifications.



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infodex — is the professional analytics system with the effective management of your DeFi in all your wallets in one place.