Cloud Computing Trends to Make a Storm in 2017

Managed service providers are having a high increase in clients asking for more and more cloud computing services. It has been predicted that almost 90% of work will soon be into Big Data and Internet of Things. And with growing business and improved positioning of workload, most of the businesses are adopting cloud.

Cloud computing helps by putting particular workload away from the internal servers and drop it to a cloud service provider. It will soon become a necessity for small as well as large business to take up this service and secure their valuable data.

Following is the list of the latest and upcoming trends of cloud computing trends to look forward in 2017

  • Lift and shift cloud migration model

If a business needs to change its in-house design without burning a hole in their pockets or changing the design, they can simply use the lift and shift cloud migration in order to shift the design and imitate it in cloud. It will be an essential step in cloud migration, which will reduce the cost and save time.

  • Move in-house cloud work to public cloud

Developers will now be able to work and load their work on the public cloud. Previously, the whole sector was dominated by private cloud services due to their durability and cost effectiveness but now these features are also given by public services.

  • Cloud security services or cloud monitoring

This service will help the business to manage its infrastructure by end-wise monitoring the availability and performance of the resource on cloud, identify and detect any issues with the help of cloud administrators and optimal delivery of performance.

  • Inexpensive and quick ability to move data

Last by not the least, moving data will become more convenient and less expensive. It will become the main point for all managed service providers to shift the data on cloud economically and rapidly without losing any precious time or money.

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