How To Spend Less Time On Administrative Tasks As A Freelancer

As a freelancer, you’re sure to have a busy schedule. You’re probably dealing with the day to day work of putting out fires and helping your clients. The last thing you’d want to do is to spend an entire day working on administrative tasks.

You like the creative process behind your job. So how can you increase your time for creativity and decrease the administrative role you play in your business?

Find flaws in your current procedures

How do you spend your workday? How many times do you open your inbox or your social media accounts?

If you’re constantly switching between your inbox, your accounting app and your project management tool, you’re wasting several minutes with your multitasking habit.

At first this isn’t a big deal. Now pretend you waste just a few minutes doing this. How many times a day do you check your accounts and write emails? Five? Six? That’s about 30 minutes wasted in one day.

Imagine you repeat this process when you enter your invoicing software or your project management app website. We could be talking about more than a few hours wasted per week.

On top of that, have you tried writing every single email from scratch? Responding to every inquiry like it’s the first time you’ve read the question (no matter how many times you have received similar emails).

This type of inefficiency can slow you down. Spend some time thinking about your potential flaws and find a way to fix them.

Have everything you need at hand

If you were trying to fill out your taxes, you’d need your expenses, your income report and the form available on your desk.

If you start walking around to find your expenses folder or you don’t know where your income report is, you’re going to waste more time doing something you may not already like.

Take a minute before you start working on a particular task to ensure you have everything necessary to complete it without distractions.

Before spending money, get the time tracker

If you could save 30 minutes every day with time tracker that costs you $4 per month, is it worth it?


Your hourly rate: $30/hr

Workdays per month: 20

App cost per month: $4

$30 hourly rate x 0.5 (half an hour saved)

x 20 (workdays a month)

= $300

In this case a $30 Application could save you $270 every month!

Do the exercise yourself:

What is your hourly rate? How much time could you save if you start using an app? (Invoicing, scheduling social media updates, project management app, email updates) What is the app’s price?

This also applies for virtual assistants

Your hourly rate: $30/hr

VA’s hourly rate: $10/hr

Assume you outsource 4 hours every week:

4 hours x 4 weeks= 16 hours

$30 (Your rate) — $10 (VA’s rate) = $20 x 16 hours = You save $320

CrocoTime Time Tracker