How Content Marketing is driven by SEO Strategies

Content marketing and SEO goes hand-in-hand. For businesses to rank on the 1st page of Google results, it is necessary for marketers to have an integrated content marketing and SEO strategy. From writing unique and fresh content for humans, to doing keyword research and monitoring content performance, all of it contributes towards a successful content marketing plan using SEO techniques.

How does SEO drive Content Marketing?

That’s a question that digital marketing enthusiasts often deliberate over.

In the arena of digital marketing services, SEO came first — and is still there. Content Marketing came in a lot later, but its importance cannot be undermined. Truth is, content marketing and SEO cannot be viewed as two separate entities. In fact, one cannot do much without the other.

Content marketing is an essential component of branding. Content can be developed in any form — textual (eBooks, blogs, whitepapers etc.), audio, video or any other. But developing content is not sufficient — it is of no value if the distribution and marketing of content is not carried out successfully. And this is where SEO plays a meaningful role.

How does SEO support Content Marketing?

Having a SEO content strategy is integral for brands seeking online presence. The digital world is moving towards inbound lead generation. This means that as brands you will have to identify your niche subject and talk about it regularly, to be regarded as an expert on the subject. The process begins with creating relevant content and distributing knowledge freely. This requires the understanding of SEO techniques so as to help search engines identify your content as unique and rank your website on top.

When individuals seeking information on relevant subject comes across your posts, they will identify with your brand and consider you to be experts in the field.

When therefore they need to make purchase related to the said products or services, they will obviously choose the experts — YOU.

And in most cases even a premium pricing is not questioned.

The idea therefore is to use Content as a strategy to dominate the niche and establish your brand as a market leader in time by sharing information that is relevant to your audience, addresses their fears and problems and provides a solution.

The Role of SEO?

When people look for information on search engines, they usually use “keywords.” These are nothing but phrases that people are searching for. From the point of SEO content marketing strategy these are the phrases that your content should contain so as to make it ‘search friendly.’

Now of course there is no end to the combination of keywords people can search — but having an integrated SEO and content strategy will help you to identify the few phrases that are most commonly being searched for and include it in your content. This means that you should write frequently, with each new piece of content using unique combination of keywords being used, so that whatever your audience searches for your brand ranks for it.

Having the right SEO friendly keywords in your content will not only help your content (web pages) to get indexed, but also improve ranking on Google results page (SERP). Higher ranking in turn will improve clicks and website traffic which eventually will lead to conversions and sales.

How does SEO and Content Marketing work together?

SEO involves technicalities. It requires keyword research, fixing meta tags, working on headers, optimizing the on-page content, fixing errors on webmaster etc. If the SEO groundwork is not done, then all efforts towards creating a great piece of content will not be of use.

So here are some quick tips on SEO content writing justifying the importance of search engine optimization in content.

Keep content fresh, unique and regular

Your content should be unique, fresh and promoted on a regular basis. This is because nobody wants to read thin and repetitive content. Moreover, plagiarised content is sure to be penalized by search engines, the result being that your pages will never be able to engage or retain visitors.

Keeping content in tune with Search Engine Optimization techniques will in turn keep content search friendly.

As a content distribution tip, you may also use relevant social channels to reach out to a wider audience base. Seek assistance from a social media marketing agency for building an integrated plan for content marketing through social channels.

Write content for Humans — not machines

As content marketers what is important to remember is that content should always be such that people can understand. Algorithms today are much advanced and mere keyword stuffing will not help in ranking. Content quality (including word count, keywords and phrases etc.) on the other hand will affect — hence keep it good.

Do keyword research using relevant SEO tools

Tools are necessary for keyword research. Not all content research can be done manually. Some popular research tools for SEO are SEMrush and Ahrefs. These tools will help to identify phrases that humans are searching for and use it methodically across content.

Monitor content performance

Without realizing the importance of monitoring content performance, many marketers err to skip this step. Monitoring and measuring content performance is integral as it justifies your content marketing efforts.

For instance, measurement will help you track which pieces of content is performing the best, which medium of content is most preferred, how has search traffic changed over the weeks/months, which keywords have more search volume and impressions and how they are being used in your content, which piece of content has maximum time spent etc.

Repurpose and update content from time to time

Repurposing old content is an intelligent way of improving content marketing initiatives. Repurposing a high-performing piece of content allows you to save on time and yet have an epic piece of content ready.

When repurposing or updating an old piece on content, make sure to incorporate the SEO best practices for it. This may include updating the content with latest numbers and statistics, interlinking pages, adding images and optimizing them for search engines etc.

These were some proven ways on working with SEO content and using SEO to improve content marketing initiatives.

It is however important to remember that search engine optimization is not an easy task. It is recommended that assistance be taken from a relevant Search Engine Optimization services company for best results.