The Meme-ification of Misandry
Charlotte Shane

First, I’m fascinated that all the previous responses were written by men.

Second, my take-away from this article was totally different than theirs. Certainly, I noticed the abundance of labels (gender, racial and orientation being the obvious ones) but that wasn’t what struck me. What I read was one woman’s story about trying to find a way, let alone a place or a community, to express anger, even rage, at experiences occurring in her daily life. What struck me was how obvious the lack of such a “release valve” was once I thought about it. Further consideration leads me to wonder what the effects of that bottled up anger are in my life, the lives of women in general and by extension on men and in fact the entire planet. Nit picking the language does not help resolve the issue. In fact, it demonstrates why women, in particular, need a safe and effective way to express their anger among themselves and to those whose behavior ignites it.