10 Business Functions That Are Ready To Use Artificial Intelligence

How is AI going to impact different business segments?

  1. Marketing- One of the segments of business where AI can be of great use is marketing. Drawing inferences from the previous purchase and consumer preferences will help in making the right suggestion and also deciding on the pricing strategy to help them make a confirmed buying decision.
  2. Gross sales- Another way that AI can prove to be helpful is in gross sales forecasting, predicting what the buyer wants and enhancing the communication with the customer, thereby ignoring customer experience. Machines, when well-programmed, can help the salespeople in estimating whom they should connect with and follow up, thus promoting more conversion.
  3. E-Commerce- Most of the e-commerce businesses are now relying on AI. Some of the prominent Artificial intelligence in e-commerce is by promoting smart searches, product recommendations, and dynamic price optimization.
  4. AI in Business management- Seamless business management is important for every organization, whether it is sorting the email or quick response, AI can prove beneficial in all aspects. AI can prove useful in having spam filters, voice to text features, smart emails, smart assistants like Siri, Google now, smart devices, automated insight, security surveillance, etc.
  5. Human Resource — You must be wondering how AI can prove beneficial in Human Resource. It’s an indisputable fact that AI can help human resource people improve their efficiency with the feature of its data-based decision making. It can help in the screening of candidates, thus making the recruitment process easy. An example that we would like to mention here is of PepsiCo; the company uses Robot Vera to phone and interview the candidates for the open sales profile. This is just one example, there are several other ways in which artificial intelligence developer can prove useful in formulating programs and applications that can help human resources.
  6. Manufacturing — Another business function that makes use of AI in manufacturing. With the help of AI, we can enhance the productivity of the manufacturing process. Companies like Heineken are using data analytic at every stage of the manufacturing process. With the help of predictive intelligence, one can anticipate the demand and pump up the production process when required.
  7. Finance- It is one of the integral pillars of any organization. As per the reports of Accenture, finance professionals can be freed up from the repetitive financial task, as AI enables software and application to take up the charge. Besides, it also reduces the probability of manual error, thereby enhancing business productivity and promoting business growth.
  8. Research and Development- R&D is important for any organization, and incorporating AI will help in enhancing the same. It will fasten up the process; it can automate many tasks and also reduces the probability of errors, thus making the R&D more efficient and flawless.
  9. IT Operations- Application of AI in IT operations is inevitable. The application of machine learning and data science to IT operations problems or AIOps is used to do error analysis and automation of many IT processes. As the IT systems become more important to support business, blending Ai with IT is going to improve the process.
  10. Maintenance of the building- This is one of the most common applications of AI. Building Automation is not a new concept. Many commercial and residential projects are being built on this concept. It helps in controlling temperature, lights, IoT, security systems, etc.




I am trying to give you different information about different fields like technology, software, finance, and education, etc.

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Robert Smith

Robert Smith

I am trying to give you different information about different fields like technology, software, finance, and education, etc.

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