Professional Logo Design — What Makes A Great Logo?

Your logo is often times the first impression people will have of your organization. Whether it’s on the sign outside your business, on a business card, or on your website, it’s the calling card that represents who you are as a business. It’s most likely what a customer will remember after they’ve left. A great logo can be printed on business cards, brochures, newsletters, letterhead, or personalized pens and never lose its message to customers.

A logo is one of the most effectual marketing tools in the promotional world, but you can use it even more effectively by following some fundamental rules. Do not copy a popular logo from a well-known company, and keep away from making your design similar to another logo with the hope of getting more attention. Copying another company’s work will actually have an adverse effect on your business! So here are the some useful tips that you should keep in the mind once you start logo designing of your company.

Your Logo Should Identify Your Business

Your logo should express something important about your business’ identity. Your Logo design should reflect your business’ personality, its attitude, its sense of style, professionalism or fun, or whatever it is your company is about. A well thought out logo will promote those qualities you want people to associate with your business.

Your Logo Should Be Recognizable

In order to be identifiable, your logo must be distinct, easy to read and comprehend, and unique enough to avoid confusion with other logos. Your customers must be capable to identify your logo as yours and connect it with your business each time they see it.

Your Logo Should Be Cost Effective

Unless you’re an online business, you’ll probably be using your logo on all sorts of printed matter, so remember to consider the cost of color printing. With today’s printing technology — a number of colors are now possible for your logo. Keep it simple however — as we’re not at the circus here. Your logo designer should be able to convert and get a good match of the colors you desire.

Your Logo Should Be Memorable

Your logo design must be appealing enough to make a strong impression, and yet simple enough to carry a clear message. It should instill a positive feeling in your customers that resonates long after they’ve seen your logo.

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