New Version available : 2020

This article is a bit old now, it has been updated. Check it out !

This article is an update of my previous benchmark, now running on Kubernetes 1.14 with CNI version up-to-date in April 2019.

First of all, many thanks to Cilium team who helped me by reviewing…

As a Kubernetes administrator, I usually deploy standalone kubernetes cluster to test some features, applications, or even kubernetes tooling. But in this case, it takes some time to deploy Kubernetes, CNI, storage solution, load balancer service implementation, ingress controller, monitoring, logging, etc. With Kubernetes-ready cloud distribution like GKE, or DigitalOcean…

Long story short, here are two cheatsheets for Kubernetes (tested on 1.13), one in English, and one in French. It will give you some useful commands using kubectl, kubectx, kubens, kubetail, … and also some manifest samples for Ingress and PersistentVolumeClaim.

You can find the English version in PDF format at:

And the French PDF version at:

Here is a preview of the English version :

Kubernetes cheatsheet EN — PDF available at

And the same in French :

Alexis Ducastel

infraBuilder founder, Kubernetes CKA and CKAD, Cloudera Big Data certified administrator, devops meetup organizer, member of Build-and-Run group.

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