Princess Diana’s Death: An Unsolved Mystery

WAS PRINCESS DIANA’S death an accident or murder?

The official explanation after an intense inquest is that she died after an accidental road crash in a Paris tunnel in 1997.

French investigators concluded that her driver, Henri Paul, was three times over the legal blood alcohol limit when he was behind the wheel of her Mercedes.

Yet many believe that we have not been told the whole truth about Diana’s death, nor that it was an accident.

Internationally renowned detective Colin McLaren, the man who cracked the case of who killed JFK, sets out to find answers in a two-part doco Princess Diana’s Death: Mystery Solved.

In his investigation, McLaren touches on some of the theories and evidence behind Diana’s death. Are they tinfoil-hat conspiracies or uncomfortably close to the truth?
 You be the judge.

Below are some of the reported theories:

  1. Diana was killed because of her relationship with Dodi Fayed
     Fayed, who also died in the crash, was the son of Mohamed Al-Fayed, the owner of Harrods department store.
     Al-Fayed was so hated by the British establishment that he was refused British citizenship despite owning such an iconic business.
     It has been claimed that Diana was pregnant with Fayed’s child and that the British establishment would not accept a relationship between the mother of the future king and a Muslim.
  2. The Royal Family was involved in her death
     Both the Royal Family and MI5 have been accused of being involved in both the “hit” and any subsequent cover-up.
     It is also claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin told colleagues that he had proof that the Royal Family was behind her assassination.
  3. Diana was killed because of her work against land mines

The anti-mine campaigner was allegedly planning to expose important people involved in the British arms trade industry.
 Her work was already turning the tide against the sale and proliferation of land mines. When money is threatened, people act.
 Was it enough to get her killed?

4. Diana’s car was run off the road by a white Fiat Uno
 The owner of the alleged Fiat has never been found.

It was claimed that the Fiat was owned by a French journalist who later committed suicide in 2000 — in a manner that some say was suspicious — but investigators ruled that theory out.

5. The unexplained bright flash before the Mercedes entered the tunnel
 One theory is that it was the media attempting to take pictures of Diana in the car.
 Another more sinister theory is that the light was part of an assassination attempt. In Tom Cain’s fiction book, The Accident Man, a former British marine soldier on a motorbike shines a bright light into the eyes of Henri Paul, causing him to lose control and crash.
 This is fiction, yet in 2014, a former SAS sniper’s wife claimed he told her the SAS was behind Diana’s death.

6. It was an accident

 Sometimes accidents just happen, even to famous people.
 Maybe Henri Paul really was drunk. Maybe another car — or possibly the media — accidentally came too close to the Mercedes, leading him to lose control and crash.
 Sometimes there really is no conspiracy, just bad luck.

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