130th day of development

A short update on my progress

I started working on my Boss Battle from the least important thing, just as I usually do. I like to explain it as a way so slowly immerse myself into a new area, and get into the right set of mind, but the truth is — I am just too afraid to start with something important. So I’ve started with background visuals, and spent a day on my background image that is a part of test footage and probably won’t even get into my game. ’Cause I can!

The main goal for the background of the boss battle is to connect images of one level to the next one. For example, the first level is called “The Forest”, the second one is called “The Steps”, and boss battle background has to use some of the first level imagery and something to introduce next level’s imagery. Just to let you in on my process — I can not draw for the death of me, so I cheat. I use some free imagery, and outline parts of it that I can use in my game. For example, this is the image I’ve found on pixabay, and the resulting background in the game:

The original image and game image

Then it is a simple question of loading player character, loading boss, loading weapons, adding physics and an interaction between player’s weapon, boss, player and boss’s weapon. I am in the process of doing so, but for now here is the video of the overall level progression: