190th day of development. Collectables


I suddenly have a three-month break from my studies. Apparently I am unable to read the dates right, and instead of a course in December 2016 I took a course in December 2017, and the enrolment is closed already — so there’s no taking another course. 
Embracing a sudden break I am going to work on my game harder and more often.

Today I replaced my collectable coins with stones (as they relate to the story), and wrote some code that gives player a stone if the player was lucky to destroy the enemy from the first shot. I also spent some time working on art — where “art” is being a big word, considering I can’t draw at all. Anyway, using some references I created a couple of designs to figure out which one works better in the game.

To be honest, I don’t usually make so many different versions of my designs, but collectables are an important part of the game, and they are on the screen a lot. I have to find something that is bright and exciting enough to get attention, but that is annoying at the same time. A difficult task for a person with a bad taste (to illustrate that I can show the difference between my marks on programming courses and design courses at Uni. They speak for themselves).

Here are the references and the results:

Original photos are from Pixabay.com

And with animation:

I haven’t decided yet which one will end up in the game — I’m planning to user test it today. And of course there’s always an option to take two options, give them different value and decide which one will be loaded based on Math.rand :)

Talking about Math.rand. I worked at online casino long time ago, and users often complained that RNG is tempered with to help the casino win. Today I’m going to actually do that myself — but in the opposite way. I need to temper with game randomness a bit to tilt game balance to player’s advantage. No much, just a bit, otherwise I’ll never be able to play through it. I am so bad at endless runs myself 8)))