My new game is waiting for review

My new game “Knitted Adventures” is waiting for the app store review. Hopefully, that won’t take too much time, and it will be available tomorrow (I just like the date 17–03–17).

All the characters

The game is a very basic endless fall where your character jumps on platforms catching collectables and trying to avoid the dangerous object.

The project started as a part of the course “Master Unity” on Udemy. Being a proud corgi owner, I didn’t use the art that teacher provided and started using some free corgi-related art from various sources. Also, after finishing the first game from the learning bundle, I started adding features from other cources like sprite swipe for different characters and also refactor the code a bit.

At this point, it wasn’t the “adorable handmade adventure” — that happened later. And there are two stories behind that.


Story 1:

There’s a fantastic place in The Rocks in Sydney. It’s called “Tea cosy”, and they make scones to die for. As part of their cool design, they put baskets with needleworks on tables. So one day my friend invited me there for a brunch. And while having a conversation, I mechanically took the crochet hook and started to crochet something.

My mom taught me to crochet when I was little, and I haven’t touched the hook in ages, but the muscular memory is an amazing thing - so it kinda happened on its own.

So that’s how I returned to the world of knitted handmade. And that’s the time for the second story.

Story 2.:

I am not a patient person. So though my returned interest in needlework was a strong one — I knew there’s no way I could knit something big. So I looked for some simple small patterns and found amigurumi. Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. Simply put it is a knitted toy. So I started to knit a toy for my goddaughter. It was a bear wearing a beanie. And when I got to the part of stitching the toy together, the beanie just didn’t sit right. My train of thoughts worked like this:

“Would be awesome if he just put it on my himself.”

“That would be a cute animation.” “Animation! Art! Game!”

And that was it. I decided to remove all the drawings in the game and swap them for sprites made from real handmade toys.


It took me about a month to knit the backgrounds, furniture and all the characters. I reference all the shop patterns that I used in the game description and on the website.

I took me another month and a half to write the code and polish the project. And 2 days to write some music 8)

So, two and a half month after I started working on “Adventures of Ein The Corgi” it turned into “Knitted adventures” - and it is release-ready.


Also, I want to point out that the game is free. First, because it is a student project, not a commercial project. Second, because though I paid for all the patterns and knitted the amigurumi myself, I don’t feel comfortable making money on the work of people that developed those patterns. Third, it is a kind of a trip on the memory lane. My mum taught me how to knit, and she is not with us anymore. So it is like a dedication to her, and I don’t want to make money on that either.

So that is it. Hopefully, I’ll post the link to the app store tomorrow, and you’ll see what it is all about.

And as the game is made with Unity Engine, I will release an Android version when I learned how to use Android simulator.