by Vas Mylko, Alex Sukholeyser, Roman Bilusyak

Today we are launching most intelligent version of Curiosio by Ingeenee. It works in Chrome; we did not test Safari, DuckDuckGo, Firefox. Tourists & users with Chrome on big screens could jump to

Geeks & Partners should better continue reading for a straightforward reason — the information. Curious and secret details are revealed about the new Search Engine for Travel. We are describing what we did, why we did it, how and when. Everything is possible if you build a technology to make it possible.

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Astronaut on 16th-18th centuries cathedral


In 2018 we built new kind of intelligence for NP-complete optimization problems. The optimizer is called Ingeenee, like our startup. To make Ingeenee we needed two things: industry to verticalize in and raw data from the industry. We selected Travel industry, built own Knowledge Graph of POIs, own Geo Engine, then kicked off basic research for new Search Technology.

The optimization problem was unmeasurably difficult — it is one of Millennium Problems in mathematics and algorithmics. Our research could be described as Experimental Algorithmics and Algorithm Engineering.


Now we think about building a product for Travel on top of Ingeenee in 2019–2020. The product name is Curiosio and is public 3rd beta of Curiosio. You could try it for France or Italy. More countries and unions will follow. Though geo clusters work good in the Lab, we decided to stick to “nail it then scale it” rollout strategy. Today you can:

  • Find more curious road trips within desired duration & budget.
  • Use any recognized locations in one country as start and finish.
  • Enter desired waypoints between start and finish locations.
  • See trip time breakdown and trip budget breakdown.

This blog is our engineering blog. You could visit Curious Italy on product blog for user friendly introduction to instant search, trip plan structure, time & budget breakdowns.

You could visit Curious France on product blog for introduction to customized search, route mapping, navigation for driving.

Good Enough

Quality of the Knowledge Graph is good enough for release. There are known mistakes: missing POIs, missing towns or villages, wrong relations between the cities/towns and POIs. We envision complementing graphs of Travel Trio 2020 with our optimizer, hence focusing on optimizer.

Usability and User Experience are not of product grade yet. For now Curiosio is a thin console over Ingeenee. We are well aware what usability is, what the difference between UX and usability is, how to measure both. During 2019 Curiosio will get design from scratch. It will happen in scope of Beta4. Our user is defined, designers and artists involved.

1000x Better

On 08/08, last year, we released Beta1 and Beta2. Beta1 is still available at and directly at Beta2 has been discontinued in early December 2018. Beta2 was 10x smarter than Beta1, but at the cost of being 100x slower.

On 01/23, today, we are releasing new version, public Beta3, available at We almost matched the blistering speed of Beta1, while preserving the smartness of Beta2. It is 1000x compound gain: smartness (10x) and response time (100x). Entire Beta3 mission was difficult, uncertain, expensive, risky, creative, inventive and cool.

No Limit

You could co-design the travel product Curiosio. You could co-design the ingenious optimizer Ingeenee. If you got something, say something. You could trigger new breakthrough by helping us connect the dots. We are talking about orders of magnitude stronger intelligence — like that coming from those black monoliths in the Space Odyssey.

You could co-design and then use highly intelligent Curiosio yourself, for your trips and lifestyle, for years to come. Email us to or tweet to @CuriosioTravel. We take this seriously. Now it’s OK to start experimenting with Thank you! Now, with product launch we will be working on user features in continuous beta mode, and our machinery will be working on new countries and geo clusters.

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