Curiosio by Ingeenee

Product of Ingeenee

Today we are announcing Curiosio — a product of Ingeenee. Curiosio is for travel geeks. Find your most curious road trip within any time, any budget, anywhere with Curiosio. Accent: it’s simultaneously by any time and any budget and anywhere. Curiosio is made by AI for People. Curiosio is powered by Ingeenee. If you can’t help waiting, navigate to

Surely, it’s better to keep reading. We are inviting you to try Beta1 and Beta2 — to test, criticise, ideate and give feedback. Why two betas at the same time? Because of comparison; each next beta must be 10x smarter than the previous. Then, after several betas, the technology will become indistinguishable from the magic.

We are designing the technology for the future travel, how the world will work from 2020. Two technologies will reshape travel: Autonomous Transportation and Immersive Media (AR, digital experiences). Beta1, Beta2 are already in sync with future inter-city transportation. Beta3 could be in sync with intra-city, or experiences by interest. Then Beta4… Then Bingo.

Curiosio Beta1

For you Beta1 is an inspirational search — what kind of road trip is possible in a desired country in time & budget constraints. People spend from several months to few weeks for planning the next curious trip. Beta1 could help you with feasibility checks, so that you understand better the countries of interest.

For us Beta1 is a proof of data. We had to solve Weird Geography. We had to create our own Geo Data, our own Knowledge Graph, our own Geo Engine. Also routing, logistics, maps.

Curiosio Beta2

For you Beta2 is a practical trip planner. More experience for same money & time, or economy of money & time for same experience, in comparison to other travel sites. You could find the most optimal cross-country road trip, with desired waypoints, with pinning the waypoints to specific dates. You are making a skeleton of the trip, Curiosio is fulfilling the rest within time & budget caps, to maximize your travel curiosity out there.

For us Beta2 is a proof of market fit and computing capabilities. We had to invent how to verticalize AI for Travel+Leisure, build Travel Intelligence, build HPC and data infrastructure, find & design critical mass of features for MVP, hear to User Voice, strategize on how will people Travel After 2020. There are pending researches: how could it Look, technology-to-product alternatives, product-to-biz pathway.

Beta1 vs. Beta2

The biggest difference between Beta1 and Beta2 is access. Beta2 is available only by invite. We want best travelers with future vision to shape the product. Curious travel geeks who see the future of travel [with bleisure, autonomous vehicles, digital gamified experiences] can co-design the product together with us. Are there such travel geeks amoung you? Come on, get in touch with us, sign up for Beta2.

Final Remarks

Curious trips are discovered by AI. We are aware of some issues, we have not fixed them yet. If you experience AI blunders, just tell us how it could work better. It’s often funny how AI finds loopholes. It will be very useful if you honestly tell us what sucks and what rocks. Be straightforward if you see something. It will help us to make next Beta3 10x smarter than Beta2.

We are building special kind of AI to solve one of the Millenium Problems, called “P vs. NP”, flavored for travel. It’s like the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss were building flying machines without aerodynamics, CFD etc. Engineers could solve the problem good enough sooner than pure science. Ingeeneers will do it sooner.

Use Chrome browser on desktops, default browsers on phones and tablets. We didn’t test other browsers. Now it’s OK to please your curiosity. Welcome to the landing page at

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