A Rant on AirBnB Ratings & Pricing

Great post Heather — I’ve had a similar experience. We price at 120 for summer weekends. We’re in the rainforest — mind you, one of the ONLY temperate rainforest left on Earth next to a 1M acre National Park. People from China think its like coming to another planet and thank us endlessly, whereas people looking for a break off Bainbridge Island call it “suburban” because they can see another cabin from the porch. Seriously, there isn’t a Starbucks within 30 miles. Yes, it is a community (with 24 hour security) mostly so that your kids don’t get eaten by a cougar. Value is subjective.

AirBnB is taking the path of a typical venture funded enterprise — they need to scrape more money - they need you to lower your price so that your assets are optimized on their behalf. That’s all there is to it. As you know, I am on the planning board for my City and AirBnB will soon be a topic on our agenda. It does not look good for them here.

Thank you for posting your experience.

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