One Giant Leap for Crypto Economics

Dan Robles
Jul 10, 2018 · 2 min read

Our story begins almost 50 years ago with any one of millions of school kids glued to the television as three intrepid passengers of Apollo 13 struggled to bring their crippled spacecraft home. Nobody had to explain the business case for sitting in a tin can floating in space. It was, however, the nascent engineer’s first exposure to a formidable opponent called ‘Risk,’ — and forever memorialized by the sentence, “Houston, we have a problem.”

This story, and many others like it, have influenced children through to the present day as “Spaceship Earth” struggles to sustain its own precious crew. While the business case for sustainability can’t be explained, the threats remain. For many engineers, victory over risk brings the same excitement and optimism as that moment when Apollo 13 splashed down safely in the South Pacific Ocean. This is who we are.

What is

In short, is a peer-to-peer validation platform for engineers. At length, is a system for measuring the true value of engineers in an economy, society, and environment. In all cases, CoEngineers is a haven for engineers: a place where engineers can find each other, where entrepreneurs can find engineers, and where the virtual world can find the physical world. uses blockchain technology in a unique way: it provides a time function upon which physical claims may be identified, synchronized, analyzed, and verified using sophisticated mathematical techniques. This means that engineers can measure their economic contribution in terms of risk instead of outdated economic metrics such as consumption. This is significant because insurance and financial products also measure themselves in terms of risk.

With, engineering may now plug directly into financial and insurance models effectively bypassing “consumption economics” as a factor of production.

When engineering is measured on a fundamental economic basis of sustainability, priorities for what gets engineered and what does not, will also change.

The Moon Shot

The moon turned out to be a pretty dry and dusty place. However, the engineering problems that were solved in order to land there led to giant leaps in technology from integrated circuits, to medicine, structural fabrics, solar power, battery technology and much more. Blockchain itself traces roots to the “voting computers” that guide orbiting spacecraft. True progress occurs through the mitigation of risk, not the closing of the some business plan. Albeit, that may come later. The difference depends only on what we measure, and how we measure it. Engineers need to measure themselves differently for the digital age.

Dan Robles
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