Lessons from Installing MacOS High Sierra

Yesterday the new MacOS High Sierra was available for download. I wanted to do a clean install on my Macbook Pro because it was getting buggy.

I’ve never done a clean install on MacBook because I am not too familiar with MacOS. I am more a Windows person than Mac. I usually take the easiest way to upgrade because I am afraid to mess things up.

I searched how to do a clean install and most of the results showed that I needed to create a bootable disk. I tried to follow the steps shown but I met so many failures and I did not understand the mistakes that I made. I just could not figure out what I needed to type in the Terminal, I tried to copy paste and adjusted for the drive, but somehow it was not successful. Finally, I found a video tutorial that showed me how to do it. I tried more than three times before I was actually successful in creating the bootable disk.

I plugged in the drive and restart. I followed the instructions on how to install but apparently, I missed one step, that was erasing the hard disk. I ended up with just an upgrade and not a clean install.

I tried once again and this time, I erased the hard disk and at last, I successfully did my clean install of MacOS High Sierra.


  1. Not all tutorials for doing something are the same. You have to find the ones that you can understand and use.
  2. Try and try again. It sounds cliché but it is the way to learn something new.
  3. If you are not aware of your mistakes, you cannot rectify the problems.
  4. Even when you have made a progress, sometimes you have to go back and re-do because the result may not be what you really want.
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