Mental health in startups

Fabulous article James. Thank you. I hope you don’t mind an old fossil coming into this discussion who isn’t a start up but in my second decade of running my own business.

As a mental health and suicide prevention advocate, I started my company to address mental health and suicide stigma in the workplace 14+ years ago.

Managing life with bipolar disorder I had an antennae for other vulnerable spirits. In a previous life, I was finding myself overwhelmed and out of my league managing employees with what I suspected where mental health issues. I didn’t have the skills, so I went looking. That was my catalyst for trying something new, unsexy, and at a time when no one was going there. Family, friends laughed at me. “Who would want to work with me on this?” Years later, in Australia, it is now law that employers have a duty of care and must keep employees safe from a physical and psychological wellbeing perspective.

Today though, there is a plethora of information on this subject out there, which is fabulous and long overdue. I won’t lie though, my own mental health needs tlc. Currently, I am struggling, in conflict with the work I love doing. I have to self-care and do some soul-searching and this is creating incredibly difficult choices that I must make but am finding crippling. I know I will eventually work this out. I have to one way or another. I always do. I am fortunate I have many resources around me. The tough part is reaching out and doing something different.

Thank you for starting this important topic.