Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

This autumn will be quite intense for Open History Map. The conferences we will be talking at are many and the topics are various.

  • At Hack4OpenGlam (20/9–24/9) we will be helping teams and organizations mapping GLAM data
  • at Foss4G (27/9–2/10) we will presenting the new and improved OHM cloud based architecture, the caching mechanism and a side-experiment we will be sharing in the next weeks
  • At ArcheoFOSS2021 (23/11–26/11) we will be presenting, again, the architecture, the general approach to DH we are defining and the OHM Data Index as methodologies for data management and data processing. We might have even more interesting news for this event, but details will be coming soon.

Marco Montanari

Software Architect who lives for AI, Software Design, Software Philosophy and Art as well as everything around them, spanning from History to Archaeology…

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