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The other night, fsociety “hacked” the Mr. Robot Facebook AMA Live Stream to leak, several days before the official release date.

As I suspected, the video contained easter eggs through the screened code. Let the scavenger hunt begin! [S02E01 spoilers ahead]

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1|Darlene’s Cryptowall - First off, kudos to the production for writing in SET ( on Kali (she’s running one of the 1.* versions).

I always fangirl when recognizing real tools/frameworks on-screen, so it was awesome to see Darlene using this to compile her ransomware payload.

Anyways, I immediately retrieved to and was greeted with a giant fsociety-edition Guy Fawkes mask gif, with a CryptoLocker-esque message saying all my files had been encrypted, with a 24 hour timer. …


Christopher Ngo

The Legend Continues.

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