Self-Management & Human Growth: Two Sides of a Coin (Part 3)
Sabrina Bouraoui

thanks for a great read, Sabrina.

First, I really appreciate the Holocracy approach, got some insights during a training in Amsterdam.

An organisation reflects a consciousness level and a shift to Holocracy is a shift to a higher consciousness level. Holocracy seems to move an organisation from current org to an holocracy driven org via a power shift (to constitution) and behavioural rules the people/ partners shall follow? The rules do express to my mind great values, no doubt, high consciousness level.

However, the way to a self-managed organisation via “commandments” isn’t it a contradiction in itself?

or in other words: wouldn’t it be worthwhile or simply right to adress the essential and critical aspect of people transformation to a higher consciousness level as an integral part of Holocracy??

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