Don’t talk too much about the things you want to do.
Don’t overthink everything.
Don’t make it more complicated than it has to be.
Don’t stop learning.
Don’t stop trying.
Try harder.
Try smarter.
Don’t say “it’s impossible”.
Move faster.

Do it!

Should I miss anything?

This is my observation. It’s through my aging eyes. Love it or hate it.

Walking through San Francisco makes me sometimes think I’m missing out in so many ways. I’m not 20 anymore. That’s a fact. Everything else is a feeling, not easy to describe, narrow minded and biased.

  • No Beard — I feel naked among all these “real men”
  • No colorful or flashy sunglass frame — The grey parrot in the Amazon jungle
  • No Tattoo (colorful and artsy) — Not distinct enough
  • Not carrying an Apple product — Absolutely distinct from the crowd
  • No hand crafted coffee — Where is my good taste?
  • No Chrome Bag, no fixie—Car driver

From Android to iOS — And it wasn’t painful at all

San Francisco, Friday, 9/25/2015. Release date for the new iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. I’m at the t-mobile store on 3rd & Market. Holding a snippet of paper in my hand. It says “iPhone 6S Plus 128 GB Space Gray”. What am I doing here? Being here with all the other excited people early in the morning, feels wrong to me. No, not wrong, more confusing and still with this grain of doubt. My inner voices had a debate for the past couple of days, about getting a new iPhone 6S Plus. …

2 days ago I started to look into on a great project idea, to replace the Brackets Shell with Electron. Great idea! I wanted to contribute and fix issues that crossed my way. But, I followed the given instruction to clone the repo and setup all dependencies. After everything was download and in the right place, I ran npm start to bring up Brackets in it’s new electron shell. But that first attempt failed with this error:

> Brackets@1.3.0-0 start ~/develop/fun/OSS/brackets-electron > electron . ~/develop/fun/OSS/brackets-electron/app/shell-config.js:13 r CONFIG_PATH = path.resolve(utils.convertWindowsPathToUnixPath(app.getPath("u  ^ TypeError: app.getPath is not a function  at Object.<anonymous> (~/develop/fun/OSS/brackets-electron/app/shell-config.js:13:71)  at Module._compile (module.js:418:26)  at Object.Module._extensions..js …

Credit card offers are spamming our mailbox every week. Instead of being angry, I will try to have some fun along the way.

When we decided in 2010 to move to the US, we knew that there would be a ton of things to learn about the new environment. Spending my whole adult life in Germany so far, moving here would need rethinking of some of the basic things in life. There was the language, which I did not speak well enough to survive a conversation with a doctor or even a car mechanic. But there were other, softer and more subtle things to understand. …


Ingo Richter

Read, Write, Learn, Teach, Repeat. Working on Adobe XD, Adobe Device Preview and @brackets. San Francisco via Hamburg. Takes lots of useless photographs.

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