Summer project 2020

The Team

We are a team of six students who have been trusted with carrying out this year’s summer project at FINN. On the 15th of June, six optimistic students arrived at FINN’s office in Oslo where we would work for eight weeks. Among us were four developers (Anja Rosvold From, Agnar Martin Bjørnstad, Jenny Strømmen and Julian Eliassen Holth) and two UX designers (Tina Mee Johnsen and Camilla Tandrevold Hermanrud) :

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Picture of the summer students.

The Problem

We were eager to learn more about this summer’s project. During our first briefing, FINN Torget and Motor told us they wanted to communicate the environmental benefit of buying and selling used items on FINN. …

Working with the almost impossible goal of going from 13% to 20% gender diversity in Technology in one year.

Picture of three female developers in FINN
Picture of three female developers in FINN

Where to start?

In FINN we know there are many aspects of diversity, but trying to solve them all at once seemed like an impossible task. Therefore we decided to begin this task by increasing our gender diversity. This wasn’t a problem that suddenly dawned on us. FINN has focused and talked about diversity and gender for several years, but we haven’t really been measuring to see if we got any results. This needed to change, but where should we start?

In the fall of 2018 we launched a new project to focus on diversity, and at that point the ratio of female to male employees in the Technology department was only 13.2%. In FINN as a whole the percentage is better with 37,6%. To start with, we set a goal of increasing it to 20% by the end of 2020, but going forward we obviously want to increase it even more. …

Summerproject 2019

This summer we have been lucky enough to roam freely at FINNs offices in Central Oslo. Six hopeful students entered the office in mid-June, excited about the eight weeks ahead. The first week was a whirlwind of new information and new people, as we got to know FINN first hand. The team consisted of two designers and four developers, coming from different universities in Norway.

Picture of the students who was working on the summerproject
Picture of the students who was working on the summerproject

Our challenge for the summer was:

“FINN’s travel services are very effective if you know where and when you want to go. However, if you haven’t decided, FINN doesn’t offer much help.”

So, in other words: how can we inspire and help users of FINN to find trips they otherwise wouldn’t have discovered? And of course we had to do it “the FINN way”. …

Ingrid Berg Skarland

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