The Perfect Shirt for Men

TENNYSON Green Leaves Button Down Shirt

Shirts are staple in any man’s wardrobe. There are shirts for all occasions. They come in a range colours, patterns, fabrics and styles. They are effective as basic layering. Classic white shirts continue through all seasons; however, shirts too follow in-trend fashion cues. Here are some trends in fashion for shirts for men.

Trending spring/summer silhouette is “tight on top and flared on bottom”. So, shirts are fitted and worn open neck, and paired with flared trousers for a vintage, dressed-down feel. Stylish skjortor för män has wide collars and in all types of vivid patterns including floral are in fashion. Trending colours for shirts include orange, mustard, earthy shades of brown and floral prints.

Stripes are in-trend, so expect to add striped skjortor för män to your wardrobe this spring/summer. Though striped shirts may be trendy, but how you wear them is also vital. Typically, stripes are horizontal or vertical and will show different results on different body shapes. Ideally, tall statured should wear horizontal stripe shirts, as it will make them appear less lanky. Vertical stripes can be worn by the short stature, as it gives an illusion of height. When you choose a patterned or striped shirt, check whether the designs are aligned at the seams. Wear a shirt styling that is a comfortable to wear and agreeable to your mood. Wearing a loose fitting shirt is not erroneous, but a poorly fitted shirt will only make you look awkward.

As far as styling goes, there is no perfect shirt for men but take a look at trending well-tailored dress shirts do’s and don’ts. Dress shirt that perfectly fits your torso can make a lot of difference. The shirts should not be too loose fitting nor should they have shoddy fitting that they flop over the shoulders. In-trend silhouette of den perfekta herrskjorta is body fitting. A well-tailored dress shirt should feel snug, but not too tight or buttons will pull. Ideally, collar size should be loose enough to allow space for two fingers. The armhole may be thought to be nondescript, but it is in fact what allows ease of movement. Its shape and size defines how it will fit in the shoulder, chest and armpit. Tapered feel under the arm allows for comfort in movement. Seam of the sleeve must be attached to the top of the shoulder and the length should be not more than one inch longer at the wrist of a full sleeve shirt.

Generally, shirt sleeves should be of the right length or the dress shirt will fall clumsily over the arms. Wearing your den perfekta herrskjorta well is important; decide when to wear it tucked in or untucked. To wear your dress shirt untucked and buttoned, the length should not go past pockets at the back of your trousers. You can raise your arms to see if the length is long enough to allow the dress shirt to be tucked in.

Basically, choosing the right body fit is important, but you can carry off the stylish look by keeping in-trend with dress shirts you choose to wear. There’s nothing that should compel you to do otherwise, if you are comfortable when you wear a well-fitted, stylish dress shirt.

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