Chiropractic: Lifestyle & Health

I am just like you, a hardworking woman trying to survive and succeed in this world full of controversy and problems. Most importantly, I am a student with much to learn. What is life if we don’t try to learn and improve every day? What is life if we don’t dedicate ourselves to serve and give as much as we can? More specifically, I am a chiropractic student, committed and focus on improving health by giving society an option. My name is Ingrid Millán, I have a BS in Pre-Medics and I love to write, read and take long walks, among other things. Nevertheless, my goal at the moment is completing my DC in Chiropractic.

Some categorize our profession as alternative medicine; I believe we shouldn’t be locked in any category. Why should we put boundaries, when there are so many possibilities? Chiropractic releases the pressure to our nervous system. How do we do it? Adjusting the vertebras on our spinal column and eliminating interference. When there is a subluxation or a vertebra out of place our nervous system doesn’t receive messages properly and that’s when we go in. We are proactive, we don’t diagnose, we don’t cure, we don’t promise. Chiropractors give the body the opportunity to heal itself. We are the guards of the spine, we watch, and fix when needed be.

We end up where we are for different reason, there is a purpose, and most importantly, hope to keep moving forward. Why we do what we do is something we can’t always answer, but we always have something that makes us take the first step. In my case, a scoliosis procedure, a painful surgery that unfortunately took place a couple of years ago, and the word chiropractic was never even mention. The lack of information about the profession took me away from an option, an opportunity to maybe heal without having to go through that major surgery. I found out about it too late and so I told to myself that I would do everything in my hands to heal as many as I can, but more importantly to provide information and educate others. The most important part of the road is not the end of it, is the journey and what you can do with what you have. This is my why.

Give the profession a chance, be proactive and get checked. Do what is best for your family! Check your baby, children, parents, friends, EVERYONE! Improve your lifestyle now! Trust your body; give it a chance to function properly. Trust yourself.

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