Features of the Best Appointment Scheduling Software

When selecting an appointment scheduling software or for that sake any other SaaS software there are some important things you can look into before taking a final decision. Some of the important questions to ask are as follows:

1. Will this appointment booking system exist in the near and long term. There is hundreds of booking systems available to choose from on the Internet today, and some of them are recent while others are older. Some old systems have seen there time come and then go, like a setster which gained a popularity a few years back but seems not very active today. There have been companies like clickbook that had one person running the show and while he was doing a great job being alone, he unexpectedly died, the system went down for quite a while leaving the clients in dismay. There have been companies like tungle which simply just quit one day and their page is now just landing page with advertisements. Recently there has been a batch of news in the media of many rather popular SaaS systems that have quit or totally changed directions. That also includes companies that had gotten huge funding but funding often only guarantees a lot of burning in a short time. In short, when people select a partner to rely on with their appointment booking software, they need to select someone that is reliable and preferably profitable.

SimplyBook.me is rated to have 0.09% chance of insolvency which is absolutely minimal. You can ask the providers you are evaluating if they have a credit rating for their business.

2. Is the appointment scheduling software bug free and stable? To get deeper information about this you can for example look at how long the company has been in business. This is important because you will almost certainly not get a feature rich and bug free solution from someone who has not been around for a long time. The reason is that it takes a long time cleaning bugs and have the software work as it is supposed to. Online appointment booking software is no exception and even more so because there is a lot of complex underlying functionality. In short, go for one of the better established appointment solution providers to get a stable bug free system. You can generally find the age by looking at domain information such as http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?domain=simplybook.me

Looking at domain information can help you to find the Top Appointment Scheduling Software.

You get twofold information here. First you when the domain was created, and secondly you when it expires. Serious companies usually buy the domain far in to the future as they plan to live for a long time. They must also have existed for many years, because it takes many years to create future rich, bug free systems. SimplyBook.me was however created in 2009 under the name of DoReserve so in 2011 there was a name change. In 2016 the project is 7 years old.

3. What features will you be getting and is the system still being developed? You also need to look at what features are offered in the system and if the features will cover your needs. You want to see that you can have multiple providers and many users that can access the system, you may want users to have different access level, and providers will definitely need to have different work hours. You also want to see that you can have multiple services and that the services can have different duration. Very often you also want providers to be able to connect their Google Calendar so they can see appointments and block times directly from there. A good dashboard where you have an overview over your business, site visits, bookings, cancellations, revenue etc can also be very useful. A good and flexible promotion system that allows you to promote services and create discounts can also help you to get more clients and create more revenues. Possibility to add the system to your Facebook fanpage can also be useful. Finally a great support can be invaluable in helping you to set up the scheduling software.

The new promotion system at SimplyBook.me is unique in helping users to get more clients and growing the revenues. See the video.


SimplyBook.me has been solving appointment scheduling needs for about 7 years. The company has been running with increasing profits for over 3 years. We have over 10 people working for the company and we are offering live help for 17 hours on weekdays and 6 hours over the weekend. Our system is extremely stable and has been tried by tens of thousands of users for many years. All the above features are in the SimplyBook.me system and of course many more. You should try out the system, it is free and with no obligations to continue. If you are a small business, you may even fit into our free version which has thousands of active users, that benefit from having a free online appointment system.

Originally published at appointmentschedulingnews.com on January 10, 2016.