My Middle Management Experience

Happy New Year

Well, for about 1,5 year I was involved as a member of a youth platform called AIESEC . Being involved in the biggest youth movement taught me a lot of things, its giving me idea about myself, passion and my life value. Shitload happened during the process but I’ll take it as a life learning process, thought. Special for this post I will tell my middle management journey, my most challenging and unforgettable life changing experience. The sad fact is I will end up my journey very soon :”)).

There you go, met my team!

My first national conference (Held in Solo, August 2017). From left to right Ata, Mia, Ica (my team mates). Sitting there THE BOSS (KEVIN!!!)

In the middle of 2017 I decide to apply as a manager in Business Development functional. I barely know about this functional before since we don’t have BD in the previous term, well I met some BD people in Dream Catcher summit but I have no idea what they doing beside selling LOL. It was kinda hard decision since i have two options at that moment, first continue my journey in IGE, second is I want something new and refreshing which is in BD, then I decide to take my second option. I remember my my first meeting with Kevin is in ICX conference in AIESEC office, I introduce myself and had a lil chit chat with him told him my intention for becoming his manager.

My first impression about Kevin is “He is a convincing and charming speaker”. Then a few days letter he send me a message asking me to involve as an OC project (i will tell my project experience latter). In short, after bookleting and interview process I officially became a Partnership Manager of Business Development. I was the first and the only person who applied as manager in BD at the first round, then after that comes up Mia, Ica and Ata. Our team was formed later than the other, due to the the lack applicant maybe because people don’t have idea about what BD doing in AIESEC.

Talk about Kevin as my team leader I don’t know how to HHHHHHH. I must say that he is most tough person that I ever work with andthe most demanding person I’ve ever met. I don’t think I have a same or similar character with him, all of his characters are the opposite of me but when it come to works everything seem run well, even thought sometimes he has to insist me to do something that I thought I can’t do it, but in the end I don’t even know that I CAN DO IT and that’s the thing that I really thankful for to be in his team. Another things that I admire from him is, that he is a man with high optimism, full of strategy and idea. He taught me to trust myself due to my lack of self-esteem. He is a person who YELLING OUT MY SHITTY BEHAVIOR RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE, that’s a hard slap for me but I do accept it since it was right and make me keep improving myself.

Due to my role as a sales person. The things that I highlight the most in my selling experience is

“The more I’am performing, the more I met tough people and the more I got rejected. That shit make me analyze my product weakness, innovate the offer and also strengthen in targeting my market”

Big thanks to you, Kevin for having me in your team, in BD. Also big thanks for choosing me as BD Best Manager of Quarter 1 LOL. This tough life learning reshape me to be the new me, from the person who really ignorant about life and future become a person who planning and consider the action step for my life :))))



Lets begin with Ica, ma bad biachhhh, the Jatinangor and Pangandaran Next TOP Model. The first time I interact with her is through phone call in Ramadan evening, she call me due to her application as Manager in BD and she asked me about AIESEC in Bandung structure. I don’t know what she made from LOL, she is the most random person our team, she usually thrown up so many ridiculous talk that make us laugh hard, or sending random pict and video in our Line Group. The thing that I rally admire from her is her struggle for her college even tho she told me that she is in the wrong major HAHAHA, beside that I really admire her religiousness how she hold on to the our religion value (HATUR NUHUN CEU HAJI ATAS CERAMAH2 NYA)

Next is Mia, the first thing that cross in my mind when I met her is “UWOO SHE IS A COOL KID” I met her in AIESEC Bandung farewell party. I must say that i barely work with mia since her event is held in the of this term and i barely work with event peeps. I remember the first time she share her vulnerable story, from that I know that she is a strong person who struggle with her college life. She is a calm person but well performing tho.

And the laaaaassstttttt, my ibu boss, business woman, alpha female figure, ATAAAAAA. She is smart, good looking, brave, and strong figure person for me. I remember the first time I see her is in AIESEC office DU when I was a newbie in AIESEC, she was explaining about her functional with another beaut girl that i don’t know her name. Then I met her in AIESEC new office when she was being interviewed by Kevin, i heard how she answer all of her answer toward Kevin question and that was very impressive. I thought she is a quite person but actually she is very outspoken person . Things that I really admire from her is how she understand her personal value and how passionate she is in what she doing right now which is her business.

Here’s small the sneak peak of my BD’s moments

Well, to be gather with those amazing people is one of the thing that I really thankful for in 2017. Good luck for your future ahead, guys!!! Also big thanks for AIESEC Bandung and all the people inside it