Here is how iBeacon Apps can help you in expanding your customer base!

When it comes to user experience, Apple is always a step ahead. iBeacon has actually been proven to enhance the relationship between businesses and customers. iBeacon is the future of the retail industry and it is crusading at a breakneck speed.

Ibeacon is a revolutionary technology that runs on a transmitter and a receiver. The retail stores have a transmitting device installed at their stores. Whenever a customer with an Android or iOS device passes by, the customer would automatically be notified of the presence of the store in its vicinity and get notifications like deals, product recommendations and customized promotional offers and discounts.

We all wish for a personalized shopping partner who would help us out, give suggestions and make for a pleasurable shopping experience. Since we cannot have one with us every time, iBeacon actually does the work by acting as virtual assistants and providing customers a rich shopping experience.

Benefits for using iBeacon for your business

iBeacon helps you gather customer information and tracks customer behavior to improve and deliver the best customer experience each time. Develop iBeacon apps are simple and understands the complexities of shopping patterns of the user. This helps in crafting personalized recommendations for the customer as it is done in online stores. The transmitters in iBeacon work in a range of 50m and recommends new deal and discounts to customers in the radius depending on their preferences.

Several stores offer loyalty points to the customer if they stop by the store and spend a stipulated amount of time there. All this points can be redeemed against their future purchases. This in turn creates a win-win situation for both the customers and the business.

And why just retail, iBeacon has also revolutionized the way Airports function. Miami International Airport has incorporated iBeacon in full-flegde. Now the travelers get information about the schedules of planes to different routes, boarding pass details, and details of boarding gate etc, on their phone itself.

This is how iBeacon has made customer experience excellent and expanded the customer base.

Originally published at on October 26, 2017.