Here is why kotlin is everyone’s favorite programming language for Android Development.

Everyone of us are well versed with Android but chances are that you might have never heard of Kotlin. Well Kotlin and Android go hand in hand. Introduced by JetBrains, Kotlin is a programming language used for making modern multi platform applications. It has been made an official language on Android due to the fact that it gives developers what they want. It was first released in the early 2016 by JetBrains. Since then kotlin has been considered as an excellent fit for Android.

Features of kotlin.

Kotlin is a great addition to the Android Family and a delightful language to try.

The first and foremost feature that defines kotlin is, it’s open source nature. It fixes a series of issues that Java suffers from. The null references in kotlin are controlled by the type system. Also the arrays in kotlin are invariant. It has proper function types as opposed to Java’s SAM-conversions.

One of the best features of kotlin is that it has full interoperability with Java and Android. It is bound to attract developers to learn kotlin as it runs on JVM and uses Java libraries and tools. Kotlin offers backward compatibility to Java versions 6 and 7.

Kotlin gives you the advantage of adding methods to classes without making changes to the source code, thanks to it’s extension functions. Kotlin has performant custom control structures like Lambda Expressions and Inline functions, which Java does not posses. In addition to this, kotlin has many interesting features like smart casts, string templates, first class delegation, primary constructors, operator overloading and singletons. Java is bereft of the above mentioned features of kotlin.

It incorporates a lean and intuitive syntax and functions can exist outside of classes. Kotlin imposes no run time over head and has many optimizations which specifically helps Android Development.

What makes it good.

Kotlin makes Android app development more fun. It makes your android application error-free, concise and maintainable. Kotlin is a worthy alternative to the old and error-prone Java. All of Android Studio’s IDE features work perfectly in Kotlin.

It easily converts a Java file to Kotlin, by clicking on the “convert Java to Kotlin” feature. It takes you just one click to convert any old Java file to an equivalent kotlin file.

Another interesting thing about kotlin is it requires you to write significantly less code than Java. Also fewer lines of code means smaller size of kotlin files which is not the case when it comes to Java. It is like writing 50 lines for Java and just 5 lines in kotlin for the same function.

Consider doing a function in Java:

view.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
 public void onClick(View v) {
 // Drink water

And now consider doing it in kotlin

view.setOnClickListener { // Drink water }

See how it made the syntax, tight and understandable. Kotlin is an enterprise language and it was built to provide something that is usable and familiar to enterprise developers. It is evident that kotlin is readable, crisp and concise and Android developer’s favorite programming language.

Download the kotlin plug-in and try this first class native Android language now to experience it’s features yourself.

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