Another Look At Ambode’s Candidacy

Akinwunmi Ambode

Last week I took Ambode to the cleaners, but this week l am taking another look at him. What is making me change my mind, you will ask? On my way home, in my 2014 BMW, the one LASTMA scattered the tyre, mind you I am still using the Tokunbo tyre, I stumbled on the gubernatorial debate between Ambode and Agbaje. The one organized by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industries. What made me pay attention to the debate was the fact that my man Vincent Nwani works there and Olisa Adibua was the moderator. Olisa the great Dj now a moderator of this calibre, let me watch o.

Ambode took the stage first and as he was reeling out his background, it struck me. Here was a guy who has been in the system from day one. At 24 already a treasurer in a Local Government and a career that has taken him through all facets of public finance and administration culminating in his Peeking as one of the youngest Accountants General of the federation. Why can’t I give him a chance, would we want the 5th largest economy in Africa one of the mega cities of the world to be governed by a chemist?

So when it was the turn of Agbaje, I waited for that thing that would strike me too. A reason why I should ignore Ambode’s rich pedigree, all I heard was the founding of a pharmacy in Apapa and how well travelled he is and also that he attended Ife. This killed it for me. The question now was very clear in my mind. Are we going to follow the sentiments for change to shoot ourselves in the leg? Do we just want change for itself and not for what it would deliver to us as a people.

An Agbaje Governorship and his relative inexperience in the world of public service and the near total control of state apparatus by the APC would lead to a mere expedition to nowhere. As at today, my temporary support is with Ambode, just maybe if Agbaje replaces my tyre I may cross carpet.

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