My full support for Tuface

Well although in his usual Babangidasque style he has come out with a statement which neither denied nor accepted what was said to have transpired between him and his Baby Mama, Pero. Me I have decided to support him whether he wants it or not. The woman born three children for him and he can’t kiss her? That is wicked o. Was it a mistake that they produced three and not just one child together. He must feel something for her, to have kept going back. Tuface should ignore all these people who have worst stories secretly but stay in the public eye to say all sort. Look I think you should marry Pero, she has tried Jo. Annie is my sister, we are from the same state, if she wants to leave you, I will gladly take her so go ahead and be a man and make Pero a righteous woman.

If you ask me, I think she loves you much more than Annie. After three kids, she will still hide and come and kiss you, that is what we in Akwa Ibom call endless love. Wait and see who will be left standing when all the fame and some of the money is gone. It is Pero I tell you go mark it down. You are a man, you can marry plenty. There is no law against that. The only law is against marrying your driver. That one you will go to jail for 14 years. So Annie should even be happy sef that you were not caught kissing a new girl but the same baby mama who has been there before.

Tuface stop being afraid. Nothing will do your career if you marry more women you will not be the first. Fela, Sunny Ade before you, all did it and they got Grammy nomination you na only BET you don get and you dey fear. Truth be told, there are people like you that cannot stay with one woman and if you try it you will die. Why do you think you are bald at this your young age, it’s because you are trying to be monogamous, the stress of eating from one plate is getting to you. My brother marry more. If you need where to go so that people will not see you, give me a call and I’ll recommend Emeka to you, he is a convener and knows how to keep three different women in three different rooms without a problem all for the price of a bottle of coca cola.

So Annie, if you need to leave tuface cos of all these, let me know I have a room waiting for you in shomolu beside my nannies room. Teheeeee.

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