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The 21st Century, using, building and integration of software across industries are more of a necessity. If your product or solution does not require interaction with any sort of technology, then probably you are a time traveller from the 80s. Building a product or solution for this generation requires an interface with technology either for delivery, communication or production, this means that at some point your product must need technology to scale and if you are not adopting or integrating technology into what you are building then be rest assured your competitors will, it only good that you are ahead.

As a developer, what’s your most useless tool/platform? I know mine and its not facebook.

Whenever I set to start a project, I have this imaginary drafted schedule that I can finish an app in one sitting.

On setting up my environment, I need to host it, should there be a technical blog about it, should I use JavaScript, should I use VSCode or Atom, should I quickly create a repo on github, now what about some coffee?

This is too serious. Pic Credit: StarWars.com

Let’s start. I’d go online and scaffold Angular, React, Vue, Ember and Laravel all in one folder, then I have that feeling…

When learning a new language or framework, identifying the right resources could be difficult, relying on the documentation is your best bet. It provides the basic knowledge to get you started.

Manuals are the most important documents no one read — Lot of Us.

But for most developers, documentation could be difficult to understand or too large to read.

Angular has one of the most detailed documentation I have read, the team did a great job simplifying it.

In this post, I will explain how I read and got the most out of Angular’s documentation, the pattern that helped me…

Before we start

I will like to share this story with you.

There lived a man in a small town with a very special gift. His gift, he could identify the next death to occur.

One day, the King invited this man to his palace with a plan to assassinate him. On the man’s arrival at the palace, the King confronted him “since you claim to know the time and order of everybody’s death, tell me when you will die.”

While the King signals for the assassins.

The man slowly replied that he wasn’t sure when but two days after…

TLDR: I’m about to marry a woman I don’t Love.

If you are my fiance and you are reading this, I’m sorry I’m cheating on you. Wait, it not what you think, truly it not you, it me.

Okay let’s skip the it not what you think story.

Recently, I received a call telling me that my wedding date has been fixed. So lately I am having some scary nightmares, you can call it cold feet but that’s not what this is about.

Pic Credit: PASTEBIN

Now let’s get down to Business

I know, most (if not all) developers are guilty of this.

On a new Windows PC, I would open up Edge download Mozilla, open up Mozilla and…

Facebook Developer Circles Abuja

Facebook Developer Circle Abuja was lunched on Saturday 4th August 2018, as much as I will like to talk about the full free plate of rice and chicken, the second-best part was the swags, the blue and the white. Now before you quote me wrong, the food wasn’t the best part and the swag was the second-best part.

This is it

Facebook Developer Circles is a global community of developers connecting developers to collaborate, learn and code with other local developers… Hope I didn’t lose you, in Nigeria alone as at this write up they are about 10 circles doing exactly what I…

I know you didn’t miss it. The UEFA Champions League Finals of Saturday May, 26th 2018.

Keep my secret and I will keep yours: I missed it.

So you know the gist, I read the tweets but I have a gist.

In Falz’s Voice This is Africa!

Wait…! before you continue you really need to get in the spirit of the song.

So again
This is my Africa…!
♪ Look how I’m learning now. ♪
♪ Look how we learning now. ♪

Pause… Good…

On Saturday 26th of May 2018, Africa stood up and it wasn’t for the…

It a month and 17 days into 2018 already.

I’m a Node.Js developer attending the pioneer meet up of Python Abuja due to a recent breaking news about the new minimum wage for Python Developers, which by the way came from a very reliable source JAMB HQ Nigeria.

Believe me I hate snakes but what do you expect, one had just swallowed N36 million ($99,720).

Aiivon Hub, Saturday 17th February 2018. This place is almost becoming home to me.

Python Abuja, The hall was of two divisions, The Beginners and The Intermediates.

For me I was not a Beginner or…

If only Google was a man, some of us would have received series of slaps. Here are my 5 best google search ever:

  1. www.google.com (on Google’s search bar)
  2. How do I search on google.com (on Google)
  3. How do I spell Hello World with JavaScript
  4. How do I know if my PC is online (With my PC)
  5. How do I know the name of the browser I’m using (With Google Chrome)

Top 10 results of the last 4 above had at least one answer from stackoverflow.com.

A friend of mine once said,

the most generous specie on earth is a developer…

If you are a fan of PES 2016, I’m sure you remember that song Lifted Up (1985) by Passion Pit. The part of the song I like most, 🎵 1985 Was a Good Year.

Psst: Did you scream it. Let’s try a second time 🎵1985 was a good year!!!

Konami PES 2016

Few weeks ago, I was intimidated by the number of 2017 reviews I saw on Medium. The God’s must be Crazy? Right.

Let’s do a quick one.

Bear in mind, this is not some history class.

The history of Nigerian Tech Industry before 2017 mostly lived on Google, Twitter and part…

Hassan Sani

Husband, (We have twins). JavaScript Developer, member of Node.Js Foundation, Co Chair of Node.js Africa.

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