3 Smart Steps to Follow When Looking For Fashion Designing College in Kolkata!

Congratulations for taking the major decision of studying fashion.

With this comes the next significant question — WHERE? Let’s not deny there are many institutions offering Fashion Designing Degree Course with their individual pros and cons. You might be considering one with better facilities, or may be one which produces legendary couturiers, perhaps you may even consider about the total amount you intend to spend for your education — right down to your transport fees and the list goes on…So where to start with? How actually will you figure out which option’s the best?


We have simplified things for you.

Here’s a guide to find out what you may need to look out for in a Fashion Designing College in Kolkata

Step 1: First identify your dream Job!

Yes, it’s absolutely crucial to know which career direction you may want to adopt. In fact Fashion Design is an umbrella term and there are a few career paths, which you can learn about in the Fashion Design School -

· Costume Designer/ Coordinator (for Television, Film or Theatre)

· Fashion Designer/ Assistant designer

· Pattern maker

· Fashion Illustrator

· Fashion Merchandiser/ Buyer

· Fashion Stylist

The earlier you figure out, which way to go, more time you may have to develop and fine tune your skill set.

Step 2: Find out the responsibilities that your dream job may demand

Staying ambitious is just the start of the game but if you want to turn your ambition into reality, you need to be realistic as well. Of course; Fashion is that ultimate creative field but this billion dollar industry also requires you to be responsible. The industry would expect a fashion designer to have -

· Proficiency in software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand and CorelDRAW

· A portfolio

· A keen eye for fashion

Knowing what you may need to learn for furthering your career will also allow you to understand what you see in the syllabus, model guides and brochures of the fashion design school.

Step 3: Look for a brand name on which you can rely on

Simply put; look for a reputable institution. Okay here’s the hard fact — you may spend thousands on a Fashion Designing Degree Course, but if the institution is not a reputed one, if it’s not recognized, it will be hard (or in some odd cases impossible) to achieve your dream.

Look out for a fashion design institute that is recognized, reputed and comes with the safety net of a brand name. Also; look out for their track record and try to find out how their graduates are faring in the fashion industry.

The Verdict

The Fashion Designing institute in Kolkata is ultimately the place for you to study, to develop your portfolio, to develop contacts and to further your future career. Choosing an institute therefore is like shopping for stuff — select a school that makes you feel good, suits your needs and gets you where you want to be!

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Good luck!

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