Easy Breakfast Recipes With Eggs

Brunch, what a pleasant time after a fat dull! And as a brunch without eggs is not a real brunch presents gourmet egg recipes to brunch with dignity.

Discover all our easy breakfast recipes with eggs

Are you a fan of Sunday brunch, mixing breakfast and lunch, sweet and savory, Anglo-Saxon tastes and a touch of French fare? You will love this protein slideshow for food lovers between two hours. The brunch, mid- breakfast and mid-day , welcomes the eggs in all their states for generous, energetic and delicious recipes. Combining well with the salty deli for example, as with the sweet fruit or hot drinks, the eggs are ideal to achieve the perfect brunch! Famous morning scrambled eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs, omelette … The eggs have more than one twist in the shell and allow you, thanks to this selection of recipes, to brunch while you feast!

When they get confused, the eggs are transformed into simple but effective dishes, to delight the most demanding taste buds between 11 and 15 hours. Scrambled eggs with crème fraiche, English muffins with scrambled eggs, scrambled egg rice and sausage, scrambled egg and bacon toast, scrambled salmon eggs, and scrambled egg mousse …

The fashion eggs across the Channel and across the Atlantic have also won us over, and we’re asking for more! But as they are full of resources, eggs allow many other recipes. Toasted with avocado or French toast with bacon, made in Benedictine style with cheddar, mixed with curry and rolled in bacon, or poached and served with crunchy quinoa cakes, eggs leave you spoiled for choice for a really delicious brunch.

And even as an omelette, the egg has its place in brunch, with the original recipes of cucumber omelette, cheese and turmeric, and omelette with blueberries. Test them, you will come back!

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