How to create a Mission on in-it

Oct 8, 2018 · 4 min read

Missions are the core building blocks of In-It and they bring everyone’s stories, experiences and opinions together in video format. Missions can be created to support and strengthen causes, campaigns, researches, reports, projects and even movements. They are open to the public which means everyone can see the videos uploaded to them, yet for uploading videos, commenting, and reporting you need to sign up and create an account. Check out some example missions on our website.

Now, pick a topic that you think deserves more voice, more attention, and more awareness to get started.

Step 1: #MissionName

Find a good hashtag to name your mission. Make it specific. Is it trending? Even better. Use hashtags or phrases that are already being used in social media or on other platforms.We use hashtags so that when you share it on social media, your mission would join a bigger conversation and attract others to join.

Step 2: Mission details

The first part of this step is defining your ask. Be specific and explain exactly what kind of story, experience, or opinion works for your mission. Keep in mind that any content that does not match the ask of your mission can get reported by other users and removed from the mission page.
In the next question, you can explain why this mission maters. This is your chance to tell your story. Be clear and straightforward. You should hook your audience and hopefully inspire them to contribute their stories to support your Mission.

Step 3: Anonymous video allowance

If your Mission involves a sensitive topic, we recommend choosing “Yes.” This means that the video contributor’s name would be hidden and users can also cover their faces for protecting their identity. You can learn more about creating and uploading anonymous videos here.

Step 4: Rewards

We want you to be able to incentivize and motivate others to contribute an amazing video to your Mission. You can offer monetary rewards or anything that you can give back to thank contributors for their support and for sharing their story. From featuring top videos in your documentary, to business consultation and coaching you can offer any type of rewards that you can afford. Also you can find sponsors for your rewards Just make sure to mention them in your mission creator’s video (which will be explained later) and we will feature their logo as well.

Step 5: Time

You can define a deadline for your mission to create a sense of emergency for your users. Your users would be able to upload videos even after passing the deadline, but they will not get rewards or get featured on our website or our social media.
You can also Schedule your mission for a later date, which can be very useful for missions that are created for events or especial occasions.

Step 6: Finalize and submit

The last step is finalizing your mission by picking tags that best define your mission and uploading a video from yourself as the creator of the mission. This video can also be uploaded later on; however the video must be added to your mission before we start promoting your mission.

When you are done with this step you submit your mission and we will review it. If it abides with our privacy policy, does not ask for sensitive or risky content, and there is no other mission with similar ask available on our platform, we will publish your mission and send you an email with its link.

Step 7: Prepare and promote

Now that your mission is published, you can start sharing it with your close network. Once there are a few videos (5–10) available in your mission, we can start promoting it on our social media and place it on in-it’s homepage. This is mainly because the general audience are less likely to contribute to an empty mission — after all no one wants to be the first to post a video.

In order to have a successful mission with a lot of videos in it, you need to share it on social media using the hashtag of your mission, post it to relevant Facebook and slack groups, contact influencers and organizations that are active in the area or industry of your mission, and do anything else you can to get more voices and stories to it. We at in-it we’ll do the same.

Click here to create a new mission or contact us for any questions that your might have.

To learn more about in-it visit

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