How to post your videos anonymously.

Privacy and trust have been major concerns for many social media users, especially after the Facebook scandal. As a result many avoid sharing their stories or opinions on sensitive topic to avoid leaving a digital footprint. This is disastrous to free, democratic discourse; as democracies depend on active, verbal participation in society, and a willingness to publicly share.

At In-it , we are committed to helping you share your story with us, however you wish to. We use standard security protocols to make sure your data cannot be breached. This means that our database is encrypted and all communications between our platform’s frontend and backend is using encryption as well.

For more sensitive missions, we have the option for you to share your video, without revealing your identity. So we urge you not to be passive; make your voice heard. You can follow the following steps to ensure your anonymity.

Step 1: Check the Mission

Ensure that your mission has the option to upload anonymous videos. This is stated right under the upload button in the mission page.

Step 2: Upload your video

You can easily pixelate your video when uploading your vide. Just choose “No” for the first question in the upload form and then choose if you want to make your video pixelated. It’s important to note that your whole video will become pixelated when you choose “pixelated” or “more pixelated”.

If you want to partially pixelate/blur your video, you can use a few different apps with blur effect filters. Here are our recommendations:

For ios devices: Use “MovStash”. It is free, gives three blur options and leaves no watermark.
For Android devices: Your best options are “Blur Video” and “KineMaster — Pro Video Editor”.

Alternatively, you can go the traditional route, and cover your face while recording the video.

Also, here is a great video showing other ways you can make your video anonymous:

Step 3: Voila 🙌!

Now your video is available for everyone to see on the mission page, but people can’t see it in your account page. However, you will see it in your account page and can delete it at any time.

* What if a mission does not allow anonymous upload?

Feel free to bring a mission to our notice that might not have an “Upload anonymously” option, but you feel that it deserves it.

It is very important to speak up and be heard any way we can. For instance, just a few years ago, an indian journalist -@YusufOmarSA- used snapchat filters to help sexual assault survivors speak up and share their stories anonymously. And as Oprah Winfrey stated in her famous Golden Globe speech:

“Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”