ICL presents Community BATTLE OF THE ICOs!

Our disposition: At Initial Coin List we strongly believe that Ico listing sites need to change! Far too often we see fake /paid ratings that are trying to cash-in on the Ico economy and can deceive potential investors. If that may sound a little harsh, please look into the on-going spotlight directed on some of the top listings sites & their failure to provide any valid answers.

Time for a change! As investors, we must Do Our Own Research & a great place to start is to see the kind of community support an ICO has.. Presenting the Community Battle Of The Icos!

The battle goal is to bring awareness to different ICOs and give a voice to the community through discussion & voting. The winning ICO will receive our valued Community Choice Award! Which can be a significant factor for investors to decide to look further into an ICO.

We encourage community discussion, debate and exposure for all of the ICOs in a fun voting competition! The Battle is held on InitialCoinList.com from the 1st -10th of every month.

For more information: https://www.battleoftheicos.com/

To join the next CBOTI: Your ICO must be listed on InitialCoinList.com (its free!) email us at support@initialcoinlist.com

See You on the BATTLEFIELD!

Congratulations :
Round 1 Winner- CYPHR COIN
Round 2 Winner- NHCToken