Crodo provides decentralized fundraising in the Cronos ecosystem for projects at an early development stage at favorable terms for investors and platform creators.

We have opted for an improved way of distributing coins among the pool members in a playful way with a clear interface.

As a member of the expedition to the Cronos galaxy, you will fly through uncharted solar systems with our team, who will help in their exploration and intergalactic token trading.

Our cruiser Crodo is built from automatic decentralized mechanisms, which allows to distribute tokens evenly according to a pre-calibrated algorithm.


After the development of this platform, Crodo was able to analyze and tackle the possible challenges and problems other IDO sites faced. Thereby becoming a high standard for others to follow.

  • Lack of reminders to participants about the start, approval in the whitelist, the start of the token redemption stage, etc. Because of this, participants sometimes forgot to enter the site on time and lost the chance to buy a token at a bargain price. For this, a chat bot was developed in Telegram, which will warn you in advance about an important action.
  • Slowly running site servers that do not cope well with a sharp increase in traffic, which leads to problems accessing the IDO site at the right time. This problem is solved by using CDN and DDOS protection through and hosting servers in Kubernetes on dynamically created virtual servers in
  • Staking system without additional motivation to keep tokens locked. This causes the price to drain at an unfavorable market period. Titles have been introduced for holding tokens, which are reset if tokens are withdrawn from the site.
  • Lack of convenient ambassador programs: An ambassador program was created with the ability to send tasks, monitor their status, view the balance of points earned, reminders of new tasks, a competitive system, an affiliate program.
  • Participants do not understand projects and buy everything in a row Project integration options have been developed to engage the audience for real use.

Crodo; finding new stars in the Cronos network ecosystem.

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I am a Digital And Blockchain Enthusiast, Lover of Tech and Believes it has the potential to solve problems ✅

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Iniubong Udoudo

Iniubong Udoudo

I am a Digital And Blockchain Enthusiast, Lover of Tech and Believes it has the potential to solve problems ✅

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