You Are Why Your Life Sucks
Kris Gage

This is really such fabulous advice. I’ve tried to take your guidance and apply to it some specific situations, in order to help those who might need a nudge to get started.

Dear Sufferer of Clinical Depression Without Access to Medical Care,

Really, you just need to change your mind-set!

Dear Returning Service Member with PTSD Failed by the VA,

Why are you dwelling in the past if it doesn’t help you get the life you want??

Dear Released Felon Unable to Find Work Due to Non-Violent Drug Crimes,

If your job applications aren’t successful, have you tried something new? Be entrepreneurial! Start your own business!

Dear Parent Losing Custody of His/Her Children to a Much More Well-Resourced Spouse,

If things haven’t gone your way in court so far, switch it up! Have you tried making your OWN legal arguments??

Dear Elderly Person Forced to Choose Between Paying Rent and Accessing Medication,

You have to decide what is really important to you and make sacrifices along those lines!

Dear Fulltime Minimum Wage Person Making Less Than 16k in a Town Where Big Box Stores Have Driven Out Other Employment Options,

If you don’t like where your life has left you, get up and go, go, go!