Konstantin Valtchev|Pharmacist

The man is having trouble putting the key in the door. It is dark and cold outside that morning. The green light of neon signboard falls on his graceful age face. When the key finally turns in a lock, he chuckles and opens the door.

Konstantin Valtchev has been a pharmacist for almost 20 years. Originally from Sofia, he moved to Blagoevgrad for his significant other. He opened his independent pharmacy as soon as he got used to the new location.

Even though the place is small, there are many medicament on the shelves. Valtchev sits in the corner opposite the door and prepares his workplace. He decides to fill out some medication forms, which have to be delivered tomorrow morning.

“I do everything by myself. I order the medicament twice a day from Sofia. I carefully check the quality of medicine. I am the only worker here”, Valtchev shares and continues typing the medicine names.

He listens to talk radio show when he wants to take a break from the computer screen. At a certain point, he thinks about something and plays with one of the rings.

The doorbell catches his attention. The old woman comes to him, holding a prescription. Valtchev gives her a smile, then takes the paper and quickly finds all the necessary medicines. He instructs a patient on how and when to take a medicament and informs her about potential side effects she may experience from taking the medicine.

All working days are different for him. “It is hard to tell how many customers come to me every day. I have days when a few people show up. Of course, the busiest time at pharmacy happens during the flu epidemic”, he says and shrugs.

Valtchev came from a family of doctors. He suggests the environment influenced his skills and aptitudes for medicine. However, he has decided to achieve a doctorate degree in pharmacy. He thinks the pharmacy field is the perfect fit for him.

“I love gaining relationships with people. I have a good understanding of their needs and problems. I like the nature of the job”, he says and turns to the sound of the doorbell.

Inkar Tileubayeva is a second-year JMC student, who likes Asian cinematography.