Not a random rant, in times of moral shallowness

We live in times where outspokenness, honesty and ethics are grossly underrated.

If you are lucky to bump into the rare honest, ethical breed, here is what you need to do. Firstly, don’t mistake them for being naive. They really know it all, yet choose integrity, often trivialized by the self-proclaimed, superior class of the shrewd-on-steroids.

Secondly, congratulate them! Why? Well, its not easy to maintain your stead and your heads in a world where hypocrisy, shallowness & sugar-coated lies seem to win and cleverly built beneficial relations & being self-centered are celebrated.

By now you might be wondering, why am I so bothered? Because I’ve been on the receiving end of this epidemic, a toxic one, apathy corroding our very lives and our collective moral and mental strengths. The rat race to nowhere paralyzing our true potentials.

Don’t believe me? Let me make this simpler for you. If you live in Delhi, take one of the public transports, my personal favorite is taking the metro during peak hours. Or look around your office, your neighborhoods. Or even simpler, just scroll through your social media apps. All you need to do, is observe.

You will find so many, so full of themselves, living as if the world’s spotlight is on them. And that they are the glamorous showstoppers — privileged and superior. All this might seem to be exaggeration, but well, it is not.

Lets talk about humility. Its almost unheard of these days, right? In the rare case that you a meet the one with a humble ‘gene’ they’ll entertain you with anecdotes of how they were ripped apart again and again by mean, savage opportunists. You would not know whether to laugh or sympathize. But before you feel sad for them, they’ll tell you how they proudly keep slaying challenges with their own, unchanged truth.

Dear Genuineness, I miss you badly. Thank god for the authors, artists, dreamers, naturalists and poets. You left behind shades of goodness, pain, art and optimism, generously strewn between the pages of your books and reams of canvases. In these times of moral shallowness, you my friends, are one of my few escapes to sanity.

Have you ever felt this way? Yes, or no, let me know. Drop me a note or comment on this post and share your thoughts on this not so random rant.


Ink Blots

Originally published here.