Many email clients (including Gmail and mobile devices) will automatically transform phone numbers into links. Prevent this behavior using the zero-width white space character (​) Instead of this:


Inject the zero-width white space character anywhere in the number to trick the email client and prevent it from turning the number into a link. I like to put it in the middle:


This Litmus compatibility test shows that it works great in all email clients, including Outlook and Office 365. It works for different format variants and international numbers as well.

Rubymine is a great development environment for sites powered by the Middleman preprocessor — particularly if you’re a Rails enthusiast like I am. Rubymine’s built-in support for Bundler, Rack, ERB plus it’s visual, context-aware HTML, Javascript and CSS editors streamline static site building.

Best of all, running Middleman’s server from…

Jeffrey Hoffman

Creator of Inkcite, the modular design system for modern, responsive email development. #emailgeek #MakeEmailBetter

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