Inkdrop v0.10.0 Release Notes

Thank you for your bug reports and feedback. This update includes the following:

  • New feature: Improved Search
  • New feature: Allow searching note with a tag by clicking the tag on currently opened note
  • Improvement: Allow inline HTML (Experimental)
  • Improvement: Informative error messages
  • Improvement: Support Plugin
  • Bug fix: Stay always the status in syncing
  • Bug fix: Search bar does not work
  • Bug fix: New note is not shown in search mode
  • Bug fix: Context menu for preview pane
  • Inkdrop’s documentation is now available

Be Extensible.

Inkdrop is made for Hackers. That means you can also hack Inkdrop!
It provides powerful APIs that let you do a lot of things with Inkdrop.
The APIs are available on both side of server and client.

The server side API enables you to access data in the cloud.
It’s compatible with CouchDB. By using this API, you can make your own notebook client app with sync feature or useful utility.

The client side API is Plugin. You can make a plugin to add new functionality to the client app, and create a theme to add new flavor of the app.

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