Copywriting can be the magic wand that elevates your brand above your competitors.

Especially when you use copywriting to highlight your unique selling point (USP).

Publishing great content gives you competitive advantage. Problem is, your competitors are also doing the same.

You need to find your unique selling point. Then use copywriting to draw customers to it.

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The key to creating a unique selling point is offering your customers something different. What you offer should add value to your customers.

You communicate this value using copywriting.

1. It’s what you say and how you say it

Copywriting is both…

I want an in-house copywriter but I also want a copywriting agency. So which is it?

Content marketing is one of those things you cannot run away from. Your business needs it as much as you need air to breath.

I wish it was easy to create winning content. Copywriters will tell you that it is difficult.

The good news? It can be done and it is being done everyday. What you need is to identify the right copywriter that fits into your brand.

Let’s explore your opportunity cost whichever direction you settle for.

1. The cost factor: In-house copywriter vs. copywriting agency

An in-house copywriter is a salaried…

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Reliability should rank high among the qualities you look for in a copywriter.

The target for every brand or business is to have unflinching content that will make them standout. Hiring a copywriter to create great content has become one of the most important practices for brands.

Besides skill, experience, and a flair for words, you need to consider reliability in hiring copywriters. Reliability boils down to delivering quality content and on time.

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How do you ensure that the copywriter you are about to hire is reliable?

Here are 5…

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Everyone has a story and everyone loves to listen to a good story.

This is the reason why storytelling is a powerful way to drive your brand. The truth is that there is a story behind every brand that exists.

What’s more, people are keen to listen to that story but only if you tell it right.

Whether you are selling a product or service, you need to think back to when you realized that your product or service can meet certain needs for your customers. That is where your story begins.

The good thing about stories is that they…

Google is getting too smart! It doesn’t just understand what we’re saying, but is figuring out what we mean…”_Juli Durante

Two decades ago, a company dreamed of revolutionizing search on the internet. By launching a single search engine, the world of search was just on schedule for disruption.

True to it, 20 years down that lane, Alphabet Inc., the company behind the genius search engine, Google, takes credit for the present pressure the modern and traditional publisher faces.

If you are reading this article, it is likely you are aware of the stats that go with search engines at present.

Why Publishers Need to Pay Attention to Google

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The Power of Wow and Wonder is in Powerful Storytelling!

I love stories because they take me on an adventure. From grandma tales to eccentric wonder books, stories simply have a way of arousing imagination.

While we may not admit it yet, storytelling is almost in everything that we do. We just either don’t tell them or are not keen to read them out for ourselves.

With the advent of content marketing, there was need to bring together sales and marketing teams. No doubt that’s a disaster right there, but it had to happen anyway.

Brands like Coca-Cola have hit…

That which is measured improves — Karl Pearson

Publishing informative and engaging content is a great marketing strategy for any business. Actually, having an effective online marketing strategy, spells good fortune for your business.

However, majority of businesses with online presence do not have a documented online marketing strategy. So what you will often see is random publications or posts, with long spells in between.

By the way, great random posts will still pass the message across, but will have very little impact on your bottom-line. …

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room Jeff Bezos

After years of planning, strategizing and gruesome labor, you have managed to grow your business into a major industry player. I mean, you are no longer just another venture on the street. You have carved your niche in the market.

Your company has a serious operational structure — with the best minds in the industry building your brand. You are fully in tune with the global trends with an awesome company website and of course, a blog. …


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