Fitness Motivation To Help You Overcome 3 Common Exercise Ruts

Rut #1 — I’ll Never Reach My Goal

Rut #2 — Exercise Is Boring

  • Take your workout outdoors — a 30-minute walk outside is a lot more interesting than a 30-minute soul-sucking session on a treadmill. Find a few outdoor locations you love, and rotate your walks at these different places a few times a week. Seek out new places to work out, and try at least one new spot each week.
  • Work out with a friend. Whether you are going for a run, walk, or hike, it is much easier to stay interested when you have someone else with you. You can chat and pass the time more quickly, and you can motivate each other when you’re running out of steam. You can also turn your exercise into a competition, which is a great boredom-buster.
  • Create an awesome playlist for your workout. We all have songs that pump us up — create a playlist full of these adrenaline-charging hits to help you pass the time during your workout. Plug in those earbuds, blast some “Eye of the Tiger”, and watch the time fly.

Rut #3 — I’m Too Tired



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