Letter to Ulysses

I started to use your apps with Daedalus back in 2015. Daedalus was my everyday app. All snippets, thoughts and ideas were written down in Daedalus. I loved the one-of-a-kind approach, the fancy design, it’s sleekness. Sadly, a few weeks ago your team decided to halt its support and pulled it from the app store. All good things come to an end, I thought by myself. Yet, this was only the beginning.

Back in 2016 Ulysses for iOS hit the app store and with it you emerged on a rather steep journey. I could hardly wait until it was live to be able to download it, immerse into it, use it and enjoy its possibilities.

Shortly after I also bought the macOS app, simply to write whenever and wherever I needed to, simply to be able to start, append or edit my writing on every single -device I call mine. At first it seemed a jack of all trades app with seemingly endless possibilities. I imported all my writings, organized them, created my own themes and styles, and published my first book. I even subscribed as a beta tester in order to let you do your thing to succeed, make the app better, more stable and reliable and let you know what a daily user would like to see in the future.

My wishlist did not succeed. The updates of Ulysses were merely “under the hood” maintenance, Dropbox sync, improved communication and web support, slightly new icon — but to be fair — nothing groundbreaking.

After you received the  Design Award things changed. Ulysses and the team got carried away into higher sphere. It was joyous to read your tweets, feeling your pride, see how you cherished those moments. But still the app did not really groundbreaking improve but maintained its now solid state of being.

Fame and recognition. The team must expand — and so does the funding. I understand your reasoning to change from a paid app to a subscription app but I will never understand how you executed it.

For me, having paid 70 Euros plus for all apps it is simply not going to happen to subscribe for an additional 40 Euros every year. Yes, as a “valued customer” I got the “super-duper discount” of 50%… but not on the yearly plan rather on the monthly plan. This is so devious. Why not just being straight forward? Why these “hidden” trapdoors? Why not call the price by its name: 40%? We’re all grownups — or so I thought.

Then Social media kicked in. And there, Ulysses team, there you lost me. You “tried” to justify your actions with whining arguments. One could literally smell that you feel uneasy. As if one part of your team said: “let’s do it!” and the other: “what, if?” Most prominent tweet was Max’s :“I am so nervous!”. There we go… you should have listen to your guts.

Where you (again but) definitely lost me was, when you had the “decency” to implement a popup window advertising your “new app” on the already one-time-paid app on ALL devices. This is pure and simple wrong!

Yes, you lost me. Yet I am sure, it actually does not touch you. Why should it. It’s simply a simple writing app. People come and people go. That’s how life is, no?

Believe me, it is not. Loyal customers are the one “species” on earth that elevated you to “where you are” now. “We” are the ones who helped you grow. Who believed in you. Helped you with trial and error. Suggested ideas. Promoted you. It goes without saying… we paid for the app and offered time to help making the apps better.

Unfortunately but obviously, loyalty is dwindling — because we just got the door slammed into our faces.

Dwindling loyalty comes along with dwindling funds. Think about cause and effect. Is it worth it?

Yet, it is never too late.

The ball is in your court.

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