Explaining mental health to kids

We want conversations about mental health to be as frequent as those about the weather.

We want them to be front and centre, rather than tucked away in the shadows. Here’s what we’re doing to make that happen.

Just under 18 months ago inkjockey LTD launched a publishing brand called mystory. We’ve decided to use the brand to tackle an important social issue and for the last few months we’ve been hard at work producing stories that will help adults explain mental health issues to children.

We’ve created a whole-of-childhood journey with these stories. Stories that grow in literary complexity as a child’s reading ability improves. All of them have one central aim which is to harness the power of storytelling to force conversations about mental health into the spotlight.

We’ve worked with teachers, psychiatrists, mental health campaigners and activists. We know these stories work. We know they can make a massive difference and we’re determined to do whatever we can to spread the word.

We’re reinvesting every single penny of sales into the ongoing development of the series. You’ll love the characters, here are a few of them.

We’ve got a tiny kitten struggling to deal with a worry wobble (Skitty Kitty), a young squirrel learning about bipolar problems through the medium of a children’s playground (Ups, Downs, Swings and Roundabouts), and a sleepy hedgehog waking from hibernation to learn that for some staying in bed is a coping mechanism (Cat’s Sadness Sickness).

In addition to the books we’re working on a range of other vehicles to reach our goals. We’re doing readings, interviews, and we’d love to come and talk to your organisation about what we’re doing.

If you think your organisation would be interested in partnering with us, or in learning more then please get in touch at mark@inkjockey.co.uk

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