[IP Exchange]

1. The SQL and index for several trading-related querying operations were improved.

2. The pagination for matches and orders were changed to adapt to a significant amount of data.
3. The invoke frequency for the statistics of matches and orders was reduced for a lower database pressure.
4. The related accounts’ balances were recorded whenever there is an asset flow.
5. The new version of the fee module was implemented.
6. The CSV export function for the statistics of registration, login, and trading was implemented.

2.4–2.10 Ink Weekly Progress


[IP Exchange]

1. The csv export function of the KYC module is improved.

2. The permission verification of whether an account was frozen was added to trading modules.
3. The data precision of trading ticks was fixed in the trading view.
4. The csv export function was added to the revenue, deposit, and withdrawal statistic modules.
5. The research of the requirement and technology stack for the mobile version was started.

Thanks to the support of all investors and followers! We are proud of the work we have done thus far for our project and we are constantly looking to realize new blueprint for global creative industry.

During the past year, Ink have successively launched INKstone, INKwallet, INK blockchain browser, Ink cross-chain protocol, and INKubator cultural asset trading platform, which has expanded Ink ecosystem. In addition, Ink has reached strategic partnership with projects, exchanges, wallets, etc. to jointly explore the application of blockchain in different industries.

Moreover, the Ink team has traveled to more than a dozen countries and regions, sharing…


[IP Crowdfunding]

1. The bug that the title colors of ‘My Projects/My Statement’ are not correctly changed was fixed in the App.

2. The bug that the count-down stops when the app enters backend mode or the screen is locked is fixed.

3. The bug that the crowdfunding sidebar cannot be hidden before it is fully shown was fixed.

4. The bug that the app crashes when locking the screen in the token collection view is fixed.

5. The bug that the app may crash if one enters and leaves the user center view several times is fixed.

6. The…

According to UPEX official announcement(, INK will be officially listed on on January 11, and INK/USDT trade pair will be available on the platform. At 3 pm on January 10, UPEX will open the INK depositing function; at 3 pm on January 12, the withdrawal function will be opened.

As the largest crypto currency exchange in the Middle East, UPEX has obtained the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) financial certification and has a professional banking risk control system to further safeguard investors’ online assets.

INK’s presence on Middle East exchange demonstrates that INK has been widely recognized by the global digital currency market. In the future, Ink will continue to partner with more international exchanges to provide investors with a variety of global trading channels!









[IP Crowdfunding]

  1. The banner on the homepage of the web was modified.
  2. 2. The invalid iOS download URL was fixed.
  3. 3. The landing page display error and the call for INKubator Pay App were fixed for the web.
  4. 4. The splash screens of iPhone XS, iPhone MAX, and iPhone XR were added.
  5. 5. The issue that user was blocked on the progressive bar view and cannot access the user center view was fixed.

[IP Exchange]

  1. The configs of the admin panel were put in the config center.
  2. 2. Add an index to the order table to solve the slow querying issue of orders.
  3. 3. The timeout setting of zuul gateway was changed to 6s.
  4. 4. The inter-user transfer function was added in the admin panel.
  5. 5. The fee collection function was implemented.
  6. 6. The cold-wallet management feature was added in the admin panel.


[IP Crowdfunding]

1. The display of the progress bar was improved in the App.
2. The issue that the project info view cannot scroll before pictures are loaded in the crowdfunding detail page was fixed in the App.
3. The round-robin feature of requesting the participation of crowdfunding was added in the App.
4. The overflow issue of the project names was fixed in the Web.
5. The display of the countdown for recommended projects in user center was improved in the Web.
6. The homepage banner was changed in the Web.

[IP Exchange]

1. The configuration of the role…

Ink Development Progress:

The invitation code function in the registration page of IP crowdfunding was added to the web.

The mobile registration page of IP Crowdfunding was added to the web.

The missed notification of duplicated participation was fixed in the app.

The invitation code function in the registration page was added to the app.

The invitation code in the user center of the app can be copied now for easier distribution.

The style of the invitation code in the registration page was modified in the app.

The copying error of the invitation code in the user center module of the app was…


[IP Crowdfunding]

1. The Ads in the App are cached now for better performance. 2. The styles of the titles, the buttons, and the loading rules were improved in the App. 3. The issue that the user can still press other buttons when a modal dialog appears was fixed. 4. The link copying bug in the App was fixed. 5. The route directing logic was improved in the App and the Web. 6. The issue that a re-upload of the documents cannot be conducted when the user edited the document type was fixed. 7. The activity banner on the web…


[IP Crowdfunding]

1. The style of the invitation code in the registration page was modified in the app. 2. The copying error of the invitation code in the user center module of the app was fixed. 3. The structure of the invitation code page was improved in the app. 4. The keyboard hiding error was fixed in the app. 5. The display error of the fee amount was fixed in the app. 6. The scrolling compatibility of the popover view in the privacy page was fixed in the web. 7. The multi-language function was added in the mobile registration view…

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