EXMO Exchange Adds ERC-20 Token INK to Listing

On 9th August 2018, the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange added ERC-20 token INK to its listing. Users of the platform are now able to trade in the two most popular pairs: INK/BTC and INK/USD, INK/ETH. Exchange url is: https://exmo.com/

Users of the platform can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the following most popular currency pairs: INK/BTC, INK/ETH and INK/USD. Top-ups and withdrawals for these currency pairs are already available via the Wallet section.

About INK

Ink is a set of blockchain solutions based on the global cultural industry. It seeks to solve many problems existing in the cultural content industry through the blockchain in order to achieve fast IP rights verification, free trade of cultural assets and barrier-free communication of values and information so as to build a new ecosystem for the global cultural industry.INK has a current market capitalization of $ 21 419 954 (according to coinmarketcap.com).